News 17 Jul 19

Viktor Bako - DIG BMX Locals

Junkride distro just released this sick edit through DIG BMX featuring their BSD crew member Viktor Bako from Budapest, Hungary. Here's a few words from Viktor...

“Hello, my name is Viktor Bako and I’m a 39 year old BMXer from Budapest, Hungary. I was in Barcelona for almost a month and I had a chance film with Facu from Argentina for almost a week! after we met at the local HappyBikeShop. I like to ride everything that is front of me and BCN is built for that. My sponsor is Junkride distro in Slovakia and they’ve supported me with BSD for over 2 years. It looks like I’m gonna move to Barcelona in a couple of months too. The City is perfect for my riding style it has everything that I need! Thanks for everybody who helped me and all the amigos iI’ve met here!”