News 25 Jun 21

The Loading Bay Live - Round 1


Check out the highlights from Round 1 of ‘The Loading Bay Live’ contest. Remember to head over to to tip and comment your favourite rider! The rider with the most tips win. *100% of your tips go to the rider.

You can watch the full live stream from the contest here:

1st Place: £500
2nd Place: £250
3rd Place: £100

Winner announced 8th July, 5pm BST.

Featured Riders:
Sam Jones (@jam_scones_92_)
Guy Scroggie (@guyscroggie)
Thomas Roulston (@tamroastin)
Joe Jarvis (@joeejarvis)
Ben Towle (@_bentowle)
Jensen Murray (@jensen_murray)
Crazy Pete (@crazzypetebmx)
Alex Pindard-Baden (@alexpbtm)
Dan Banks (@mudhutdan)
Sean McGilly (@sean_mcgilly)
Michael Dickson (@michaeldicksonn)
Renato Rancso (@renatorancso)
Ben Gordon (@bengdonbmx)