News 01 Feb 21



Enjoy a great insight into behind the scenes at one of the best competitions of the year, Simple Session. We are bummed that due to the pandemic the comp was unable to go ahead this year. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Simple Session 2022!

'Life is Just a Ride" is a documentary that brings the positive mindset of three different characters during Simple Session, one of the biggest and longest-running action sports events in the world, to the big screen. Reed Stark is a world-renowned BMX rider from the United States. Madars Apse is one of the best European skateboarders, whose professional career began at Simple Session. Risto Kalmre is one of the masterminds behind the event that came to life from a pile of dirt 20 years ago in a small Northern European country, Estonia. The movie also features Bam Margera, Darryl Nau and many other well-known people in the scene. "Life is Just a Ride" is a thought-provoking and uplifting movie that works as an antidote to a bad mood, poor weather, or when the ju-ju is just not working for you.'