News 23 Aug 18

New Swerve Hubs

New for 2018 are our Swerve hubs, the rear cassette features an all new driver mechanism and the front utilises the same proven hardware as the Pro hubs.

Utilising a 150 tooth ratchet ring the gap on this hub is almost non-existent and the noise the driver makes is a pure buzz. The new choice for Kriss Kyle, The Swerve cassette hub is perfect for tech cassette hub moves where a small gap really matters.

  • Custom 9t driver with toothed pawls & polymer bushing 

  • 150 tooth ratchet ring matched to driver 

  • Skip free driver design 

  • Separate pawls and springs 

  • 6061 T6 aluminium shell 

  • 4130 heat treated Chromo axle 

  • Heat treated hollow 14mm bolts 

  • High quality sealed 6903 bearings 

  • Push fit Chromo cones 

  • Compatible with Jersey Barrier hubguards 

  • RHD or LHD 

  • Weight : 464g