News 19 Apr 17

New ‘LT’ Rude Tube Pegs

This Rude Tube peg has gone on a diet!! Let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to save some weight on their bike, 4 pegs weigh quite a lot but they don’t have to.

When setting out to design a lighter weight version of our original chromoly cored Rude Tube peg we wanted to come up with a new design that solves some of the issues of switching to an alloy inner. The problem with most alloy pegs is that they deform at the axle end. The Rude Tube LT doesn’t, using the same plastic outer as the Rude Tube peg, the LT has a tough 7075 alloy inner with a heat treated chromo adaptor at the dropout interface which won’t lose it’s shape from over tightening or when catching an upright.

Weighing 33% less at only 115g each it means you can run 4 pegs with the equivalent weight of just over 2.5.

– Lightweight 7075 alloy inner peg
– Heat treated chromo insert
– Durable plastic Rude Tube sleeve
– 33% lighter than regular Rude Tubes
– Available in 4.2″ and XL 4.5” lengths
– Weight : 115 grams each
– 10mm or 14mm

The new Rude Tube LT peg will will be available alongside the original Rude Tube peg at BSD stockists worldwide from early May…

Get the full spec and more pictures of the Rude Tube LT peg here >.