News 06 Apr 15

New Dan Paley Rude Tubes…

Dan Paley likes to get rude (aka grind) on all available surfaces without causing enough rudeness (aka noise and/or damage) to upset the neighbours. His new signature Rude Tube pegs have a durable high density plastic sleeve with a heat treated and butted chromoly inner peg for maximum strength.

Rude Tubes will be landing at a store near you in the next few weeks…

bsd-onlinepromo-danpaley-rudetubet bsd-productfeature-rudetube001t


– Durable high density plastic outer sleeve
– Heat treated and butted chromo inner peg
– 4.2” long
– 1.46” diameter
– 170 grams
– Black only

bsd-productfeature-rudetube003tbsd-productfeature-rudetube004tbsd-productfeature-rudetube005t bsd-productfeature-rudetube002t

Get the full spec and more pictures on The Rude Tube product page here >

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