News 10 Aug 15

Leezy Zingbars…

Introducing Liam ‘Leezy’ Zingbergs new signature Zingbars. Leezy wanted something a little taller than the 9″ Giraffic bars he was running and at 9.25″ tall that extra bit of leverage goes a long way when locking in them nozzas or even for climbing up Eucalyptus trees…

Zingbars will be landing at a store near you in the next few weeks…



– 9.25″ rise
– 29″ wide
– 2° upsweep
– 11° backsweep
– 1.75 lbs
– Black, clear coat raw and chrome finish.

bsd-newproduct zingbars001t bsd-newproduct zingbars002tbsd-newproduct zingbars003tbsd-newproduct zingbars004t

Get the full spec and more pictures on The Zingbars product page here >