News 12 Jan 18

BSD x Dig in Israel…

The dream spots and guaranteed Middle-East sunshine lure many pros to Israel year after year. As a result, many of the best video parts include riding here. What sometimes flies under-the-radar though, is the local scene.

Last year we set out to catch a fairly routine trip with Sar Levi and a few others including visiting Canadian rider Justin Hughes (WTP). After working year-round, he and his friends book time off work to travel from their hometown – Tel Aviv – to Be’er Sheva, Arad, Eilat and Mitzpe Ramon.

In a country with mixed views in the press and a unique history, one thing we found stood out is that BMXers are BMXers wherever they’re from. We were warmly welcomed and these guys just want to ride their bikes.

Follow Sar Levi, Alon Kosoy, Justin Hughes and Boris Choumakov on a road trip around Israel.

See the trip in photos here.

Directed by Jonny Ashworth / Filmed and edited by Jonny Ashworth and Olly Geary