Worldwide Crew 05 Mar 20

Thomas Roulston

Year of Birth?


Current place of residence?


How old were you when you first started riding and what got you into it?

11 years old , got a bike for Christmas went to the skatepark and never looked back 

Where did you grow up and what’s your hometown like?

I’ve always lived in Beith , it’s a small town with not a lot to do so riding my bike kept me entertained 

Local spots or new places?

New places all day 

Best city you have visited with your bike? 

Would have to say Barcelona for sure 

What was the first BMX video you owned?

BSD , Any Which Way 

What’s your daily routine like?

Wake up ,go to work then ride 

Style or stunts?


Hop whips or hop slingerzzz?

Hop slingerzzz will always have my heart 

What riders originally inspired you?

Kriss Kyle , Simone Barraco , Reed Stark 

And who do you like watching ride now?

Lewis Mills , Denim Cox , Bruno Hoffman 

What is the Glasgow riding scene like?

The scene in Glasgow is great, the Substance boys and kg locals are the best ! 

Early start or sleep in?

Early start but not always by choice 

Where is the last place you rode?

Glasgow city centre 

One-and-done or one-hundred tries?

Hahaha don’t get me started 

What BSD frame do you run and why did you choose it?

I ride the Safari frame and have done for years , it’s comes in a big size as I’m I big boy but has a short enough back end for the spinzzz

How do you like to your setup 

Big bars and four pegs 

Final words…

Thank you Substance and bsdforever and everyone else that helps me do what I do!