Worldwide Crew 02 Dec 19

John Deans


Year of Birth?

Current place of residence?
Unit 23 skatepark.

How old were you when you first started riding and what got you into it?
Got my first bmx for Christmas when I was ten. Everyone who lived near me got one that year.

What was the first BMX video you owned?
It was an actual VHS and it was Road Fools 4.

Night in or night out?
Can’t beat a night out on the tiles.

You are a part of the Unit23 scene, what is a typical day like there?
Best thing about living at Unit is there is no typical day. People are always up for doing something. Either riding a concrete skatepark, riding Unit, going out drinking or whatever else. No place like it.

One-and-done or one-hundred tries?
One and done because I suck at tech tricks that take a million tries, I’d rather turndown a gap.

Favourite place you’ve visited with your bike?
Colorado this year was the best bike trip I’ve ever been on. Partied and rode a new skatepark everyday.

Instagram or Snapchat?
Snapchat is always better for seeing what your mates are really up to but instas good for watching bmx so I don’t know.

Style or stunts?
Stunts with style. Rather see a trick done right than throwing in as many tailwhips as possible.

What riders originally inspired you?
Mike Aitken!!!

And who do you like watching ride now?
Matt Roe, Kriss Kyle and Dan Paley three best riders in the world right now.

What BSD frame do you run and why did you choose it?
The Passenger, I run it because it’s a good all round frame for dirt and skatepark and its one of my best mates signature frames.

And how do you like to run your setup?
High bars low seat and stealth black.