Worldwide Crew 25 Jan 21

Guy Scroggie


Guy Scroggie

Year of Birth?


Current place of residence?

Bishopbriggs, Glasgow

How old were you when you first started riding and what got you into it?

I got my first BMX bike way back, when I was only 6 years old! It wasn’t until I was around 11 years old that I actually started to take riding ‘seriously’. 

Where did you grow up and what’s your hometown like?

I grew up in a small village called Bishopbriggs which is situated just on the outskirts of Glasgow City centre. It’s a pretty small place and where I stay is actually quite posh. Haha But there are deffo a few sketchy areas surrounding it.

Local spots or new places?

New places for sure! 

Best city you have visited with your bike? 

Israel is by far the best city I have ever visited with my bike. So stoked that I had the opportunity to visit that place!

You have been on a few BSD trips now, which one has been your favourite and why?

Again, Israel is the one! That has been my favourite BSD trip. It is for sure one of the craziest places I have travelled to in general. Being able to see and ride spots that I have seen as a kid in videos definitely made this trip one to remember! 


What was the first BMX video you owned?

I’m pretty sure the the first BMX video I owned was BSD Any Which Way and Living For The City.

What’s your daily routine like?

Everyday is a little different depending on the constantly changing Scottish weather! Usually get up before noon, head straight down stairs for breakfast, quick shower then see where the sesh is at.

Style or stunts?

I am all about the stunts!

Comps or video parts?

Video parts for sure. 

What riders originally inspired you?

Garrett Reynolds, Bruno Hoffman, Dan Lacey, Kriss Kyle, Alex Kennedy & Chad Kerley.

And who do you like watching ride now?

I really like seeing new riders on instagram but I enjoy just watching everyone and seeing them progress. 

What is the Glasgow riding scene like?

Glasgow seems to be a BMX hot spot at the moment with riders from all over Scotland and further afield heading through for a session, which is sick! During the summer the scene in Glasgow is amazing. Everyone is up for a laugh and the vibes are chill!

Is KG (Kelvingrove) the best skatepark in the world?

It’s definitely up there! Haha 

Early start or sleep in?

Depends what day I am waking up to, but usually before noon is good for me. 

Where is the last place you rode?

The Loading Bay Skatepark in Glasgow. 


One-and-done or one-hundred tries?

I wish it was one-and-done, but most of the time it’s one-hundred tries !

What BSD frame do you run and why did you choose it?

Currently, I run a 20.8” ALVX-AF frame, which feels perfect for me. I have been running a 20” wheel bike for 3 years now starting with 20.3, 20.6 and now 20.8 ALVX. Can’t stop growing! Haha The short back end on the ALVX-AF frame was massive help moving up from an 18” wheel frame to a 20” wheel frame. It definitely made the transition smoother to the bigger wheel size.

How do you like to your setup 

Topload stem, seat not too high, tight chain and 60psi in the tyres… Good to go! 

Final words…

A massive thank you to BSD, Substance BMX and also to everyone else that helps me do what I do!