Worldwide Crew 21 Sep 23



Name: Grant Yoobie 

D.O.B: June 1st, 1997

Hometown: Bay City, Michigan 

Currently Resides: Austin, TX
Riding Since: 2010
Local Spot: Anywhere with friends, or big rails!
Travel Destination: I feel like I’m always on the road. I love changing it up and learning new cultures.
Contest: Battle of Hastings will be a highlight. I’ve always loved riding under pressure and keeping it fun. 

Rider(s) & why: Cory Wiergowski, Dan Conway, and Nathan Williams. I grew up looking up to Cory and he definitely rubbed off his style on my riding. Dans the ultimate hype man and the best to be around. Nathan has always been a King in my eyes. 

Video Part & why: Right now I’d say Nathan Williams “Why Not”. I watch it regularly.
Sponsors: BSD, DeadBread, Michigan Organic Rub 

Get Connected: @grant_yoobie