Video 04 Mar 19


We are stoked to bring this video to you in conjunction with Dig BMX. This could be considered a 'Best of Luc Legrand' video!!

From Dig - "Footage of BSD​'s Luc Legrand is always something to take notice of, especially as is doesn't come around too often. And when you bring dealing with stolen clips into the equation, this video is grade-A Luc Legrand gold dust."

From filmer Antoine Sabourin - "This video should never have existed because almost all the originals clips disappeared in my burglary. By chance, i send a selection of raw clips to Will Stroud and BSD before that, so they were able to send me back. I love the intro, cause this shows that it's not only about tricks but searching a unique spot too. And i think that unique it's a good word for describe the personnality and the riding of Luc. We travel all around France for filming this piece and a little a bit in Spain...Dunkerque, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Santander, Nantes, Brest and more...Luc just had a son and is back after his knee surgery, ready for new adventure."

A DIG X BSD Video by Antoine Sabourin.