News 30 Dec 22

Twenty Years of Unit 23 Documentary


Twenty Years of Unit 23 Documentary

Unit 23 is a mecca for BMX and has played an important part in the history of BSD.

Over the last twenty years the park has seen a lot, far too much to cover in a mini documentary, and with some antics that best never see the light of day anyway! To mark the occasion we wanted to look back on some of the key moments in the park’s history. 

Fresh off finishing his recent 'Unit Life' BSD video, we spoke to Chaz Mailey to talk about the last year of filming while also reminiscing about the last twenty years at one of the world’s most iconic indoor skateparks…

Video by Dave Sowerby.
Special thanks to Dave Summertime, Chris Winch, Steven Jones, Grant Smith, Fraser Watt, Jason Phelan and Bangin' Pizza for their help with the documentary.