News 28 Jul 22

DUB x BSD Loading Bay Jam


Having a street jam outdoors in Glasgow was always going to be a gamble, even in the summer! And as forecast the heavy rain came but luckily the local Loading Bay skatepark was ready to play host.

The idea was to run separate jams on different obstacles, and once there were a bunch of riders, Sean Lafferty grabbed the mic and it was on...

Frasier Hill, Jensen Murray, Trent Lutzke, Renato Rancso, Sean Munro, Jack Miller, Jakub K, Luke Thorpe, Guy Scroggie, Alex PB, Rob Annis and Logan White.

Big congrats to:
MVP - Renato Rancso
Rollercoaster rail jam winner - Renato Rancso
A-frame rail jam winner - Frasier Hill
Kinked rail jam winner - Sean Munro with extra prizes to pegless warrior Luke Thorpe

Video by Dave Sowerby and Luc Lynch-Rice.