News 19 May 14

David Grant Bike Check


David Grant’s BSD RVIDXR frame setup:

– FRAME: Space ghost purple BSD RVIDXR 21.6″ frame
– BARS: Black BSD RVIDXR bars
– GRIPS: Fit
– STEM: Black BSD Race V2 stem
– HEADSET: BSD integrated
– FORKS: Black BSD Ghetto fork V3
– SPROCKET: Black BSD Superlite 28t
– CRANKS: Black BSD Substance cranks 165mm
– PEDALS: Fit Mac
– CHAIN: BSD Forever chain
– REAR HUB: BSD Back Street Pro
– REAR TIRE: Grey 2.4″ BSD Donnasqueak tire
– REAR RIM: GSport Ribcage
– FRONT HUB: Black BSD Front Street hub with Jersey Barrier hubguards
– FRONT TIRE: Grey 2.4″ BSD Donnasqueak tire
– FRONT RIM: GSport Ribcage
– PEGS: BSD Unit pegs
– SEAT: Kevlar BSD Stamp seat
– SEAT POST: Black BSD Blitzed post


“Here is the new colorway of the Raider frame, I was nervous picking a new color at first since I’ve always had black or raw bikes but I couldn’t be happier with the way it has come out, not too flashy and just the perfect tone of cosmic purp. She’s beamin’ enough to turn heads but still low key enough to lurk through the streets. The grey Donnasqueaks, tall bars and long black pegs accent it perfectly if you ask me. Still staying true to the cassette I’ve got the new 2014 Back Street Pro cassette hub on as well, bigger bolts have it feeling wicked sturdy. haven’t had to adjust my wheels once”

bsd-bike-dbg004-may14-002t bsd-bike-dbg004-may14-003tbsd-bike-dbg004-may14-004tbsd-bike-dbg004-may14-005t bsd-bike-dbg004-may14-006t bsd-bike-dbg004-may14-007tbsd-bike-dbg004-may14-008tbsd-bike-dbg004-may14-009t bsd-bike-dbg004-may14-010t bsd-bike-dbg004-may14-011tbsd-bike-dbg004-may14-012tbsd-bike-dbg004-may14-013t bsd-bike-dbg004-may14-014t

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