News 11 Sep 15

Chaz & Connor Mailey – Austin to Aspen

Chaz Mailey and Connor Mailey recently took a couple of months out to road trip through Texas and Colorado and put together the awesome video of their travels. After checking out the video read a few words from Chaz about their trip and peep a few photos of Chaz, Connor and John Deans below…


‘This is probably the best trip I’ve ever been on, good friends and good times the whole way! Packing all your shit into a pick up and just driving, travelling around another country, with no plans other than set up camp, ride some bikes and drink some beer. We booked this trip with the intention of just having fun so it was a bonus that we ended up being able to film a video at the same time.

Cheers to Walmart for making cheep camping gear, cheers to Chevy for making a rad pick up, cheers to Lone Star for making awesome beer, Cheers to the measures in Sidebar and cheers to everyone we met along the way for making this such a good time!


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